Say Goodbye to Your Pain

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Our approach to treatment is focused on lasting results
Whether you are an athlete dealing with an injury, have pain after surgery, or are dealing with low mobility, we provide comprehensive physical therapy services and treatment for a multitude of conditions. We deal with pain within the musculoskeletal system, which encompasses your bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, and other connective tissue.

When you step into our Willmar, MN office, we will begin with a Selective Functional Movement Assessment to determine what your normal movement patterns look like and how they are impacted by your pain. We then offer a wide array of comprehensive chiropractic and physical therapy services that are tailored to your specific condition and recovery goals.

Hierarchy of Needs During Treatment

mobility icon


To get you on your feet again

stability icon


So you can remain on your feet and stay solid

movement patterns icon

Movement Patterns

Through functional corrective exercise

strength icon


Followed by endurance and power

skills icon


To fine-tune your everyday movements



Plantar Fasciitis

Herniated Discs
Spinal Stenosis
IT Band
Low Back Pain
Hip Pain
Ankle Pain
Neck Pain
Elbow Pain
Shoulder Pain
Peripheral Neuropathy
Sport-Related Injuries
Wrist Pain
Shoulder Blade Pain

And so much more!

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